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Kings River National River Trail

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

This trail is maintained to Spring Creek which is a little over 3 miles from the trailhead. (Update: the trail is now passable a mile pass Spring Creek! Still a few mile or more to get to Garlic Falls.) The trail is shown on most maps to extend to Garlic Falls but that portion of the trail is currently unmaintained. This trail gives you great views of the Kings River, the surrounding mountains and during the spring wildflowers are abundant. Located in the Sierra National Forest past the east end of Pine Flat Reservoir.

Driving Directions

To get to the trail take CA-168 East - Turn right on Sample Road - 3 miles in turn right on Pittman Hill Road - in 1.2 miles turn left on Watts Valley Road - (for the next 12 miles the road is a 1 ½ lane road so drive with caution) - In 7.4 miles continue straight onto Maxon Road - In 5 miles Turn left onto E Trimmer Springs Road - For the next 18.3 miles stay on Trimmer Springs Road until you get to Bailey Bridge - Once across the bridge turn right and follow the dirt road for about 7 miles (it is recommended that you have a truck or SUV as the dirt road is a little rough but does not require 4WD) until you get to Garnet Dike Boat launch. You will find some vault toilets to the left and there is a lot of room to park.


The Kings River Trail is an easy hike to Spring Creek and its waterfall. It is consistently maintained to Spring Creek and now 1.75 miles past thanks to the Mountain Warriors. This trail is recommended to be hiked during the Fall through Early Spring as it can get really hot the rest of the year. In the warmer months be aware of snakes. There is a lot of poison oak on this trail as well (remember “Leaves of three, let it be!”). Poison Oak Identification Don’t let this stop you as the Views of the Kings River, the wildflowers in the spring and the chance to spot some animals like mule deer, Bald Eagles, Lizards, Newts or tracks of coyotes are more than worth it!

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