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Hike to Eagle Peak

Eagle Peak - 10318 ft / 3145 m - May 29, 2022

This was the first time hiking Eagle Peak even though I have been around this peak hiking, camping and fishing all my life. This was my first hike in the high country of Fresno County this year and figured that this would be a good test and warm up for the season.

We made our way towards Trapper Dome as the first landmark. Courtright in the background.

Spring Dome with Courtright, Maxson Dome and The Le Conte Divide in the background.

We got our first glance of Eagle Peak.

Small seasonal pond. It was shortly here after that my hiking partner had reached his hiking limit for the day. He found a good spot to hangout while I continued to the peak. He had brought some walkie talkies so we were able to communicate as I made my accent.

As I got higher on the hike up to Eagle Peak the views kept getting better and better. You can see the Northern part of the Le Conte Divide. I think the big mountain on the left side of the picture is Mount Henry (please let me know if I'm wrong).

As I got to the top of the ridge that would take me up to Eagle Peak, I was able to get a great view of Dogtooth Peak in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness.

The distinctive hoof rock formation near the top of Eagle Peak.

Looking back at the hoof as I made my way to the top of Eagle Peak.

The view from the top was fantastic. But the clouds were starting to roll in.

Me at the top of Eagle Peak with Dogtooth Peak in the background.

I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone wanting to bag a peak but don't have a lot of experience. Make sure to research your hikes and be confident in your ability. If you want any advise or pointers reach out to me!

Here is the link to the video of the hike to Eagle Peak.

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