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Current Sierra National Forest Road Status as of 05.04.2023

Here is a map of the current status of Roads in the Sierra National Forest. There was a lot of damage from the storms this winter and early spring and a lot of roads received damage & more snow than usual and still need to be cleared and repaired. Below is a link to the US Forest Service Map for the Sierra National Forest with the updated status of roads and recreation areas. One thing that is left off is that McKinley Grove Road is still closed to the public at Dinkey Creek and I would guess wouldn't be opened until Memorial Weekend at the earliest. Also Kaiser Pass Road is still closed as well will probably not be open until early June. Before making plans for Memorial Day Weekend make sure to check in with the High Sierra or Bass Lake Ranger stations to check conditions.

I will be sending out updates as I get them so follow my along here and on my socials.

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