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Kings River Trail Scouting trip
Pathfinder West - Don Veatch

Kings River Trail Scouting trip

I got the privilege of scouting the Kings River Trail(NRT) for the Forest Service through the group I do volunteer trail work for (Mountain Warriors) . Since the area is closed due to US Forest Service Order and damage to Garnet Dike Road I had to get a special permit to be able to access the area. With Garnet Dike Road being closed I had to hike the road (7 miles) to get to the trailhead. The road already had a report done but I documented this as well since I was passing through. Kings River Expedition has already hired a contractor to clear the road to a certain point agreed upon with the Forest Service and that work Started as of April 11th. I noted 48 points of interest on road that need attention with a few major ones in the last 2.5 miles. Here is the link to my report where you can see all the issues with Garnet Dike Road and The Kings River Trail. Link: I took three days scouting this area hiking in Friday evening on April 7th to Garnet Dike and setting up base camp, scouting the Kings River Trail on Saturday April 8th and hiking out Sunday April 9th. The Kings River Trail had 79 points interest that needed attention with two major ones affecting the trail with the last one stopping me before I could reach Garlic Meadow Creek and Garlic Falls. Let me know what you think of this video and hopefully the report gets this trail some funding when road gets repaired so that the trail can be reached easily.
Pinnacles National Park - February 26, 2023